Book Review: The Cat, the Mill and the Murder by Leann Sweeney


The Cats in Trouble Mysteries #5

Book Length: 281 pages

Time to Read: Approximately one and a half weeks of easy reading.

Genre: Cozy Mystery.

Age Group: Adult.

According to the Blurb on the Back:

When cat lover and quilter Jillian Hart volunteers to help a local animal shelter relocate a large colony of feral cats living in an abandoned textile mill, she never expects to find a woman living there as well. Jeannie went missing from Mercy, South Carolina, a decade ago, after her own daughter’s disappearance. Folks believed she’d left in search of her runaway daughter, but she’s been hiding in the mill all this time.

Jeannie refuses to leave the mill or abandon her cat, Boots – who died years ago. After all, her job is to protect the premises from “creepers” who come in the night. After Jeannie is taken out on a stretcher following an accident, a body is found concealed in the mill’s old fireplace. As the wheels start turning in Jillian’s mind, she is aided in unearthing a long-kept dark secret by a mysterious new feline friend.


You know how people talk about curling up with a good book? For me, this was that book.

I read cozy mysteries every now and then and this was the first book of the series I read, even though it’s actually book number 5 in the series. That fact didn’t matter at all – I was able to jump right in without any prior knowledge and the story and characters just all flowed wonderfully. It was a comforting, encouraging read.

I really liked Leann Sweeney’s lightly educational description of the American south and the textiles industry’s impact on the lives of many locals. Wow that sentence sounded like the teacher-me talking… and maybe it sounded like a bit a of plug. But I honestly just really liked this book! And I know ‘educational’ is an ugly word but I really did learnt a bit about the history of the south and was glad for it. The environment she created in the small town of Mercy was detailed without being trite. None of the characters over-stayed their welcome… well, except for Lydia who I believe to be an antagonist for the sake of having an antagonist. But she is a very minor flaw in a very enjoyable read.

And you know what? I don’t even like cats. That’s how good this cozy mystery is. Thumbs up.


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