Top Tips for Writers from Random House

This is a new blog post from Random House Australia. There’s not necessarily any new advice here, but everything listed is worth keeping in mind. Especially since the advice is from Random House’s Selina Walker (apparently a massively important editor who launched Fifty Shades of Grey, so yeah, I’ll take her advice).

Actually the first point is a good one: have a good title and a strong first chapter. So easy to forget sometimes. It’s so easy just to ‘write your way through the story’ instead. I usually have to rearrange and edit the first bit to make the first chapter exciting and not just ‘setting everything up’.

One thought on “Top Tips for Writers from Random House

  1. “And if you have a contact within a publishing house (a friend, family member, or someone you’ve met at a writing course, for instance), do make sure to send it to them, having spoken to them first. Personal contacts can count for a lot in publishing.”

    Interesting revelation … especially because some of the worst books I’ve seen in recent years were published by RH. It’s not what or how you write, it’s who you know. That’s the topmost tip.

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