Mini Story: Sick Day

Intro: this is a good mix of the things I aim for in my mini stories – it’s relatable at first, then gets something random and improbable thrown in. It is a little too long at over 800 words, but from the mini stories I’ve written in the last week I think it’s a good first post.

Sick Day

I knew I needed sun. I needed that deep-reaching heat to penetrate my chest and that cough. I moved outside and dragged a chair to the full morning sunshine, only for the winter breeze to pick up. Any heat I could possibly gain was stripped by the cold wind and I resigned myself to the confines of the house.

Rugged up in my dressing gown with a bottle of water in hand, I wandered about to find a window that had direct light. I found one in the second bedroom and completely gave in, lying on the floor curled up to fit inside the rectangle of light. I dozed there for a while, before waking up and having to shimmy across to where the sun had moved. Just like a cat. I never liked cats.

Eventually I got hungry, and that meant I also got queasy. I rolled onto all fours and gradually raised my head as quickly as my destabilised senses allowed. I was reluctant to leave the sun, but needed sustenance and consoled myself with the expectation of hot food. I decided on a can of spaghetti and a cup of tea. I was so grateful for the warmth that filled me up inside I just crawled back into bed and fell asleep.


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