I think I’m Winning

Wooo! Only a week has past since I’ve been blogging (properly) and I’ve hit 10 followers!

I love this game, because I feel like I’m winning ;p ā¤

Thanks to everyone who’s liked and followed me. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed.


9 thoughts on “I think I’m Winning

  1. Hi Marigold and welcome to blog-land. I@ve been going a year and whilst it’s sometimes difficult to make the time I do so because at least then I’ve written something and I get withdrawal symptoms when I don’t write. Hope the blog motors well for you and thanks for following mine.


    • Thanks for returning the favour! Yes I do believe I may have gotten a bit addicted to blogging so I have to be careful not to burn out. As you said, we have to keep the motor going!


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