Win 100 Books from Allen & Unwin!


In celebration of Allen & Unwin’s hundredth year publishing, they’ve decided to give away 100 books to someone who answers a very simple question: who is your favourite author and why? Well, actually the question is ” of all the authors Allen & Unwin has ever published, who is your favourite, and why?” But considering they’ve published lots of big names of the classics, chances are your favourite author qualifies.

Just click the link here to enter!


One thought on “Win 100 Books from Allen & Unwin!

  1. Wow. I was totally embarrassed that I hadn’t heard of any of those authors… well, then I saw Garth Nix – Sabriel is a favorite of mine, though I actually liked LIrael a bit better. Then I realized that the publisher (who I hadn’t heard of either) is Australian. And I thought – how sad is that? I am up on American writers, and have contracts with several foreign writers for editing and proofreading, but I am ignorant of these authors, who are no doubt wonderful and deserve reading – but I simply don’t come across their works.
    So, I will have to check them out! Thanks for pointing out the contest!


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