There are people like you

High school is probably the most awful place to try to be honest. I wish it wasn’t, but that’s a truth of my own experiences. There’s nothing worse than talking about something you love and being ignored. And mocked. And told to shut up.

Those sorts of experiences closed me off until I could develop a thick enough skin that I just stopped caring what those people said. Putting yourself out there and being wholly honest is a difficult thing to do, and it needs to be celebrated. If someone is speaking from the heart, they deserve to be treated with respect. So often this is not how people react, but people only act like that because they’re not putting themselves in your shoes. Treat others how you wish to be treated. We must uphold this ideal if we’re to encourage openness and warmth,

Having said that, there are occasional gems of luck. Being honest grants you the opportunity to find someone who’s just like you. You might not expect it, but they’re out there. The internet is a powerful equalizer and gives people a springboard to find communities they would otherwise never have encountered. And for all the ignorance and hate that exists in the world, I know there is also someone out there who will celebrate and support you for who you are. Seek, and you shall find. There is someone out there just like you.

Lots of love, people.


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