Mini Story: Is that it?

Intro: How one little sentence can rattle one person so much

Is that it?

At five to five, my boss drops by my desk and asks what I’ve done today.

My mind goes blank.

“I… um…” I glance at the computer screen “Oh! I’ve just finished compiling the month-to-date results and I’ve gone through and annotated explanations for any discrepancies.”

There is a long pause. “Is that it?”

“… I also did some data entry,” I add, and if words could limp, my sentence tripped over itself.

He turns and walks away.

I sink into my seat and check around to see if anyone is watching. Nope. I duck my head under the desk and hide between my knees. I just need a moment. No big deal.

“What have I done today?” I ask myself. I mean, no one supervised me today but I definitely did work. Lots of it. Why can’t I remember? Gracie needed help with formatting so I spent a bit of time on that, I started reviews and reconciliations on the half-monthly reports, which was why I decided to double-check and comb through everything to date.

I worked hard today. Just because I had one moment where everything in my head decided to leave me stranded my boss now thinks I’m an idiot! “Is that it?” Did he have to be such a jerk about it? Who is he to put me down like that?! Well, I guess he is my boss but that doesn’t mean he has to be so condescending–


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