Mini Story: Chase

WARNING! There is some very, very minor violence (well, minor in its description) in this fictional tale. Don’t keep reading if you don’t like death. No wait, no one likes death. I mean, if you don’t like reading about deadness. I haven’t cleared that up at all have I? Uh, look, it’s not gross. It’s just that someone gets dead, and not everyone’s into that. I understand. I like to think of myself as an open-minded person.



The grit under my sneakers caused me to slip sideways. I cursed under my breath but counted my blessings as a bullet whizzed past my head. Tensing my calves I took two long strides before leaping again to the next rooftop, my palms landing snug against the lip of the building and my fingers seizing into claws to pull me up.

But they were faster. I could hear their polished soles smacking against the ground, the sound horrid and echoing in the dead of the dawn. Up, get up! Roll onto your stomach and pull yourself up and bolt!

Another shot fired into the rising sun. I don’t know how close it got to me and I wasn’t gonna turn to find out.

Keep your damn head down and keep moving!

I scrambled up and ran, my feet flying along so that I could no longer tell where they were, but that wasn’t important. The important thing was that I was moving forwards, and fast.  I got to the end of the roof and leapt, not even bothering to question if I could possibly make the distance. It felt like I was flying further than I ever had before. I landed neatly onto the next rooftop and propelled further along. I was gaining distance. I was moving so quickly that the air howled past my ears as if it were wind. I was going to make it!

Or so I thought until my eyes recognised what they were meant to be seeing – no more rooftop.

When I got to the edge I looked down. The next building was at least three stories below. I could survive that. Maybe. What other option did I have?

But it wasn’t my decision to make. As I was working out how to jump, looking down at my fate below, I got a good view of the bullets that ripped through my chest. One-two-three-four. Just like that, in quick succession. The impact staggered me, but I kept upright long enough to turn myself around and spy the bastards who got me. But they weren’t there.

Another second and I saw them clamber up over the building’s ledge just as I had done. Then one more bullet caught me in the chest, and this time I saw the red sniper’s sight.

I actually managed a laugh before I toppled backwards. Well, a gurgle. As I fell against the rising sun and the new dawn blinded me, I muttered one last curse.


I wasn’t dead until I hit the ground between the buildings, fourteen stories below.


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