I like stats

Because I’m pedantic, and perhaps a bit vain too (but I’m not too proud to admit it). One of my favourite things about word press is it’s statistics function. For about a week now I’ve been compulsively, indulgently and guiltily checking it every hour or so. I know, I know, a watched pot never boils, but I find it fun in a strange way (I wouldn’t be surprised if my ancestors were bean counters).

But yesterday something really annoying happened. I posted, and you kind people liked, but my hits didn’t go up. I had never noticed this happening before. I worried there was a glitch in this glorious statistics page, but no. When I searched for the problem, I found that posts read in wordpress’ reader don’t count as hits!


Well, doesn’t that just make the whole compilation of data completely inaccurate! And there is no offense greater to scientist than inaccurate data!

Okay, I’m exaggerating. I was a bit miffed is all. And if you’ve gotten to this stage in the post, then you would know what I’ve done to rectify the situation.

I noticed some people had this setup where you had to navigate to their blog to read the whole post. So that was how you do it! By going through the forums I found how to emulate this wonderful function:

Go to dashboard. Click settings, then reading, and then where it says For each article in a feed, show select summary. Easy!

Well, actually I had trouble finding the dashboard, so I just copied and pasted this helpful directory:


That was easier.


I would like some feedback though. Do you find it annoying to have to click to my blog to read the whole post? I hope it isn’t inconvenient, but if you find it is, please tell me! But then, if you’ve gotten through this rant about statistics and you’re still here I’d expect I haven’t annoyed you too much 😉


I figured I’d stick this at the end here. I’ve got two new pages on my blog! If you hover over my About page you’ll find one labelled “Who I really am”. The other one is just a Contact Me page with the email I gave out a couple of days ago. I also wrote a sappy poem on the page. Because when I get tired I trip out on emotions.

I’m very tired now…

Good night everyone!