One Very Inspiring Blogger

I’d like to congratulate Eliza Worner for receiving the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

*Cue Applause*

Eliza is a fellow writer and has published a children’s book, writes an online serial novel, contributes to online publications and is also editing her new novel which has been the inspiration for many an interesting post. She’s so dedicated and kinda puts me to shame 😉 so I happily visit her blog to gain inspiration.

 Very Inspiring Blogger Award

And she has kindly nominated me to be the next recipient. And I have coddled it like my childhood teddy humbly accepted. Thank you Eliza! May we continue to be blogger buddies and prosper in the blogosphere!

So what’s the go? Well, this very encouraging award acts like a chain-mail thing. The letter kind, not the smithing upgrade to ringmail. Basically upon accepting the award you need to follow THE RULES:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their very inspiring site.

2. Mention the rules. But it doesn’t say you can’t break them ;).

3. Nominate who you think should receive this lovely award (and let them know on their sites).

4. Tell the blogging world something they don’t know about you.

So, without further ado, here are my NOMINATIONS:

Leiah Cooper for So, I read this book today. Leiah is a serial reader who is amazingly inspiring. Seriously, check out her site if you haven’t already.

Shelby for Nature Preserve Me, who attacks life and nature with a far more optimistic attitude than I have. But I’m learning 😉 I think that’s something like the definition of inspiring? To lead by example?

Lee-Anne for Is it just me? Fellow Aussie-blogger and a teacher who I’ve leant on for some pearls of wisdom, and she kindly obliged. She has a wonderful sense of humour that really comes out in the tales she tells.

Utah Rob for Fly fishing the high country. He writes stories about fishing. And I like them. And I don’t like fishing. Such are the skills of this man.

Cheryl for What Cheryl said. Inspiring is this woman’s middle name. Always has the time to give out much appreciated encouragement to bloggers in need 🙂

Rosh for Rose of Sharon Healing. A truly inspiring blog from a woman living in Korea. Open-minded about culture, natural remedies, compassion, all the good stuff 😉

Auntie Doris How I wish I was related to this woman. Or maybe that she was possessing my home. That would be awesome.

Hessian With Teeth Besides being an awesome blog name, these two uni students have a lot to say. A blog mostly about exploring faith and encouraging open conversation between those with or without faith. I had never heard of interfaith before reading this blog and I’m glad I know about it now. They talk about a lot of things I’m afraid to broach, so for that, they are inspiring.

Congratulations everyone! May you continue to inspire for years ahead!

Facts about me that none of you know about (unless you’re rereading this):

1. I still have my childhood teddy. His neck has been ripped twice, and I’ve just recently had to replace the stuffing. Poor little guy. He long ago lost his bleached whiteness and the sheen on his eyes have dulled, but I wouldn’t have him any other way. He’s not male either: he only uses masculine pronouns because he’s too rugged to be feminine.

2. Physical imperfections: I have needed orthotics since I was about ten years old; I have needed glasses since I was thirteen; I still have acne, including those horrible things that swell up behind the ears; I had a small, marble-sized cyst cut out just above my ankle, but got the stitches taken out too early (lesson learnt: only allow trusted doctors to perform surgery) so the scar (dent) is awful; I have zero muscle mass and as such have become ‘flabby’ (what an awful word); I have loose ligaments which basically means I can dislocate joints easily, but never have because I’ve never done that much sport or physical labour (but I need to do physio exercises to keep the joints from hurting). Apparently the last one is meant to be good for giving birth. I think the doctor was really stretching for a silver lining there. Oh, and I’m molely. My skin is so pale it’s almost translucent, so the most it can muster for pigmentation are blotches.

3. I play video games for the stories. No, really. I got into them because of a classic called Broken Sword but point-and-click adventure isn’t all that popular, unfortunately. I still like killing zombies and stuff, but I love the fantasy stories. Anything made by Bioware is excellent in my book. I’m still waiting from Jade Empire 2.

4. I am single. I think I may have mentioned still living with my mum. Not real fussed on dating as such. I love the idea of romance, but… I just don’t see it happening for me.

5. I cry very easily. No, it’s not because I’m single. It’s because I’m just a big kid. Since becoming an adult (I think) I’ve only cried in movies (and advertisements for movies – those seven seconds really pull at the heartstrings), and when I’m very tired and can’t get to bed in time. This last one usually happens when I’m run down and sick and still trying to keep it together at work and I just break. The other times this happens is because of jetlag, and I’m waiting in some airport for a connecting flight (I do love travelling, but it does NOT love me) and all I want to do is lie down but the seats have all these armrest dividers and I almost want to lie down on the floor but then I’ll just pick some horrible disease and… yeah, I get pretty worked up in these situations.

6. I love sleep. LOVE it. 8 hours is not enough for me, unless I’ve had a truly relaxing day. I think it’s against human nature to have to wake up before dawn. But I do it all, anyway. For money.

7. I am not a person of religious faith, but I have faith in humanity and the good we can achieve together. I am, in fact, an atheist. Okay, I suppose that’s kind of a big thing to reveal about myself. I hope I haven’t misled anyone. I have looked deep inside my heart and became honest with myself when I was twelve. I don’t believe in God – the belief just isn’t there. But I still learn from Jesus’ teachings, as they are good lessons. I respect my friends’ beliefs and the beliefs of everyone, as long as they’re not using it to hurt people. This is a sensitive topic, I know, but I’m taking this opportunity to clear the air. I’m nervous about admitting this. But the friends I’ve found through this blog has been because we have common values. We might not have everything in common, but those fundamental values of compassion and acceptance are there. I know it is because I’ve seen it in all your works. I want to remain friends.

Let’s still be friends.


10 thoughts on “One Very Inspiring Blogger

  1. Reblogged this on So, I Read This Book Today and commented:
    Wee! Marigold, my bestest buddy and fellow blogger, nominated me!! How cool is THAT?? You should check her out too, at She has the bestest reviews, and you will want to jump on a plane immediately for Australia for a visit! Thanks, Sweetie! I would come over and bring you brownies and hot chocolate, but I don’t know how to swim, so I guess I won’t be jumping in the ocean and finding my way to you. . . sigh. Here is a cyber hug instead! { ❤ }

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What you said about me inspiring you to embrace optimism just made my heart smile so huge! Thank you so much! 😀
    I still have my childhood cuddle pal too: My Tweety Bird pillow that I have had since I was two. He has been re-stuffed and sewn up many a time. It cracked me up when you said that you cry very easily, and no not because you are single. Hahah, that made me laugh so hard. I love your dry humor.
    Regarding your “confession” of atheism: since you are familiar with the teachings of Jesus, you most likely understand that as a Christian, I wish you believed in Him as God, as a part of the Trinity of the Father, Holy Spirit, and Son. I hope you will not find it offensive if I pray that you will come to believe in the Bible and its truth. I hope you take it as a complement given what I believe; by that I mean if I did not pray for you, then it would mean one of two things: 1) I don’t really have faith in what I say I do, or 2) I don’t care enough about you to pray that you might see God’s truth. Neither of those things is true. I am so glad that you posted this aspect of yourself, and trusted us fellow readers/bloggers to not respond with hatred or anger towards you or your beliefs. I hope that no further commenters do. I could not agree more: “Let’s still be friends.” Cuz I like you as my friend a lot. I sure hope I did not overly offend you. This stuff is hard to talk about in person without insult, let alone via computer, but I respect your beliefs that your soul is okay, and I hope you respect mine that all souls need Jesus Christ’s forgiveness (mine 100% included.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for showing such kindness. I felt in my heart we’d be okay but you’re right it is so difficult to talk about, but I’m glad I could be honest. Thank you for praying for me, I don’t find that offensive at all – it means you care and you’re following your own heart with what you think is right. I feel honoured that even though we are different, we can still be friends 🙂 I look forward to supporting each other and blogging on, just as we always have.


  3. You’re very welcome. I have my teddy bear, too, only he’s in pretty good condition AND I’m possibly twice your age, so there you go. Actually now I let my kids play with him, which I think he rather enjoys.

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