Random work rant, with poetry

Chip on your shoulder you can’t get over,

Can’t stop the regrets, can’t stop the rantings,

Haven’t yet realised your tales keep changing.

You bitch and you moan, round and round again

If you talk enough, will something change then?


Chip on your shoulder you can’t get over,

Sure, back in the boom you might have been high,

But now it’s the bust, so we’ll scrounge to survive.

You whinge and complain, still working a job

Never sparing thought to those you have dobbed.


Chip on your shoulder you can’t get over,

Can’t you see there’s still so much to lose?

Stop wallowing here, stop drinking your booze!

I’m done giving pity, done fueling your bane,

So for goodness’ sake, can’t you just do the same?


This was inspired by a bloke I work with. He won’t stop lamenting about how much better things would be if he was running the show, like he almost was back in the boom. He can’t let go what might have been, even though the circumstances were out of his control. And it isn’t all bad – so many miners are out of work, and he’s still got a job. He forgets to be grateful for that – that he survived.

He keeps pretending like he has power at work, when he’s got none. No one wants to be bossed around, especially by someone who actually isn’t anyone’s boss.

Sometimes we just need to remember to be grateful, otherwise regret can destroy us. And how can we harbour regret for something we could not control? It doesn’t make sense but it happens all the time. We’ve all got to try to let go.

I’m not usually this harsh, but this guy really grates on me. Sometimes sympathy just seems to fuel the fire and hinder a person rather than help.

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