Why I like Blog Awards

I know some blogs are ‘award-free’ zones. That’s fair enough, since the awards aren’t what you expect when you hear the word – they’re more like a chain letter and a simple way to boost traffic than anything else. At least, that’s a cynical view on it.

The opposite side of the spectrum? Awards are about giving each other pats on the back. Well done, fellow blogger and friend in cyberspace! I like you and you like me, so let’s award each other. I definitely fall on this side of the argument. An award is like a virtual hug. The first time I received one I was over the moon. It was definitely far more exciting than graduating uni, which took three and half years of slogging through anxiety issues and panic attacks to reach. If you get through a tertiary education course, kudos is definitely due. But by the time I finally got to the graduation ceremony, I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t overjoyed. I was just glad the damn (I want to use a harsher swearword, but I’m trying to present the better side of myself through this blog) thing was over and my real life could get started.

Anyway, my point is I’m grateful to whoever invented this pseudo-award system. It makes me feel good, both selfishly (I won!) and unselfishly (and so have you!).

Which way do you swing? Is a comment enough to fill you with joy? Or do you, like me, want that shiny picture on your blog? Maybe it’s a little shallow to think that way. Bah. I want that award anyway!

I wonder if this attitude of mine came from growing up in the ‘everybody gets a ribbon’ era of schooling. I wouldn’t be surprised.