I’m taking Book Review Requests, and I hate widgets

Inspired by Vonzex’s post The Art of Blogging, I decided to try my hand at getting more connected by branching out into other social media platforms. For about three hours. Then I got the shits (I’m too embittered to think of a polite way to rephrase that) and gave up trying to get the damn widgets onto my blog. Just after I wrote a post about not letting apathy defeat me.

Well, at least I got my Marigold facebook, twitter and google+ accounts sorted. And I’m not so technologically confused that I’ve forgotten how to link. Comprise. Sometimes you need to know when to be a lawyer. I’m not sure I’ll be using twitter for much, but I’ll be flogging the photos from my holiday up on facebook and google+ 🙂

So I’m going to stick with what I know! I have a new page up letting the world know Yes, I’m taking book review requests. This might open the floodgates, but after my conversations with Susan Lattwein I’ve realised I’d like to help fellow indie authors out where I can. I can’t say when I’ll have books read and reviewed by, but if you look at the page and flick me an email, I promise to be considerate and respectful.

Let’s see what happens!