Book Review: Labyrinth by Alex Archer



I love this series. Sure, it is pulp fiction at its worst (or best) and Alex Archer isn’t even a real person – it’s a pseudonym for any number of authors trying their hand at this series.

The plot for this installment (and most others) is basically a bad James Bond movie with random doses of pseudo-science and magic. But it’s exactly my kind of thing. Globe-trotting, adventuring archaeologist basically just goes around ‘landing’ in more adventurous situations (like the Poirot effect – crime keeps finding the master detective, and so adventure keeps finding the master adventurer).

But Labyrinth doesn’t do any globe-trotting, instead opting for a more claustrophobic atmosphere. Then there are the eco-terrorists, something I can never take seriously for some reason. Actually there is a lot of silliness here, so if you’re not geared up to go along for the ride, you probably won’t enjoy it. I did though. Just turned my brain off and enjoyed reading Annja struggle to survive the increasingly personal challenges.

While it’s not necessary to read the Rogue Angel books in order, this one does reference past stories (namely, Footprints, Warrior Spirit, and Phantom Prospect). So I wouldn’t recommend starting with this one (though it is one of the more action-packed and brutal survival stories). But if you like your women ridiculously strong with a drive for justice behind her, this is the series for you. Just be warned, like bad James Bond movies, there are a silly number of dead innocents caught in the crossfire. It’s only a minor annoyance for me, and one that doesn’t detract from the fun tale.

All in all, Labyrinth was a great entry to the series, and reminded me just how many books of Annja Creed’s I haven’t got around to reading yet. I should get on that. Big thumbs up 🙂

Labyrinth by Alex Archer

Lara Croft with a Sword Rogue Angel #34

Book Length: 317 pages

Time to Read: About six hours (across two travel days).


Adult Fiction.

According to the Blurb on the Back:

Each step, each test, each twist and turn leads closer to death.

A book dealer lies imprisoned in a Boston mansion, an IV tube dripping a lethal narcotic cocktail into his veins. In thirty-six hours, he’ll be dead. His final request is to receive a visit from one woman…

It wasn’t the most hospitable invitation she’d ever received. Archaeologist Annja Creed is being rushed to Massachusetts, abducted by a famous environmental terrorist – a zealot willing to kill anyone who gets in his way or the planet’s way. He has taken the book dealer hostage in order to steal a rare and very valuable treatise called the Tome of Prossos. Annja is the key to retrieving the ancient manuscript hidden somewhere deep within the mansion. But the book is well-protected. In order to find it, she must survive the rigors of an elaborate maze. She has only twelve hours to decipher the labyrinth’s sinister secret… a secret that could ensure she never emerges.


P.S. I’m sticking the review first since that’s always what I read first before looking at the blurb on other people’s blogs. I don’t know if everyone does that, but I figured I’d give it a go and see what happens.