Haiku: I Hadn’t Missed The Frogs

I had missed summer

Or so I had thought – turns out

Didn’t miss it much.

I didn’t miss sweat,

Or flies or frogs in the loo,

Or those cane toads too.

Always liked the warmth,

And the sun and storms, but still,

Frogs are in my loo.

P.S. The reason I’m using ‘loo’ so much is because it’s one syllable shorter than ‘toilet’. That’s the only reason 🙂


Writing my Blurb and working on the Cover

Help a fellow author out! Especially if you’re interesting in Wizard of Oz re-imaginings!

Eliza Worner

In my off time recently, I started thinking about other aspects of my novel, in particular the Cover and the Blurb.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. All this is a work in progress. Tell me, does it pique your interest? Is it engaging? Would you read it? It’s so hard to create the right air of mystery and intrigue without giving too much away. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It’s amazing how hard writing a few sentences can be.

Black Road - A novel by Eliza Worner Black Road – A novel by Eliza Worner

Dana Gale thinks she knows everything about the war that killed her father, and the strain of bacteria that started it all. But when she emerges from the bunker she quickly learns that she knows nothing of the secrets and lies buried by Oz Industries, and the shocking truth at the centre of the storm.

BLACK ROAD is a dark re-imagining of…

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