Haiku: I Hadn’t Missed The Frogs

I had missed summer

Or so I had thought – turns out

Didn’t miss it much.

I didn’t miss sweat,

Or flies or frogs in the loo,

Or those cane toads too.

Always liked the warmth,

And the sun and storms, but still,

Frogs are in my loo.

P.S. The reason I’m using ‘loo’ so much is because it’s one syllable shorter than ‘toilet’. That’s the only reason 🙂



8 thoughts on “Haiku: I Hadn’t Missed The Frogs

    • I’m glad you liked my poem! I like writing this type more than the ‘nature is so pretty’ stuff (though I like that too).
      I really like snow, but I only see it if I’m going to somewhere to ski – I guess I don’t have to live with it so that’s why I like it! Hey, maybe global warming will help you out and you’ll get more summer days next year?

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    • Oh, it’s just when i’m up in the mines staying in my donga (the demountable sleeping quarters). I guess the plumbing is pretty rudimentary since there’s no other way for the frogs to get but up the toilet pipe. I keep the lid shut and every morning I have to cautiously check it out before I can use the toilet!


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