Haiku: What Flying Means To Me, or Drunk on Mary

Please note: I skipped my mini story post today because I was exhausted from work and busy packing to depart tonight and I just couldn’t do it because reasons and excuses. I am sorry. I should have written something in advance, but alas, I was not so foresightful. So here comes an impromptu haiku from Brisbane International Airport!

Waiting, cold and stiff.
Does it have to be so cold?
Where’s my alcohol?

Vodka, required.
With pepper, tomato juice,
Salt and a stirrer.

You’ll be back soon, right?
It’s a fourteen hour flight.
I’ll need more than this.

Can’t get to sleep, yet
Can’t focus my eyes either-
Can’t read, can’t watch films.

Need another drink.
If I can’t sleep, at least make
Me drunk on Mary.