Haiku: An Uncultured Aussie in Spain

Paella’s not great.
It’s just rice, seafood, and what?
Am I uncultured?

Tapas is average,
Fried cheese, jamone, tortilla.
I just don’t get it.

Sangria’s awesome.
Tinto de Verano, wine,
It’s all very good.

The food isn’t spiced,
At least, not enough for me.
Maybe I’m just drunk.

I suppose I’m a
Bit unappreciative.
Spanish food seems… bland.


5 thoughts on “Haiku: An Uncultured Aussie in Spain

  1. This is great writing. We found Spanish food a little different from what we thought it would be. I guess we were expecting more spice too. We realized that we expected it to be more like Mexican, but we’re North Americans so we went in with that bias. Still, we enjoyed the paellas and tapas for the most part. Some of the soups and stews were good, but definitely not spicy! It’s great to hear your perspective in poetry!


    • I completely agree! I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂 yes, I think maybe I thought it would be more like Mexican. But I’ve also cooked what was called ‘Spanish’ recipes from Australian cookbooks and they had heaps of paprika and lovely beans and things in them. It’s funny. Most of what we find offered by restaurants, of all expenses, is meat and chips. Very ordinary!

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