Gibraltar is Weird

To be fair, I visited Gibraltar on a Sunday when everything, even most of the souvenir shops, were closed. The first impression I had of Gibraltar was the huge number of parked cars everywhere. The streets were just cluttered with cars. Apparently there are lots of Spanish who cross the border to work in Gibraltar, but being a Sunday I don’t know what all the cars are for.

Next impression – they accept euros, but Gibraltar has its own pound sterling. You can’t even use it in England – the money is only for Gibraltar. Which makes it kind of useless in my opinion.

The rock is… well, it’s a rock. I know that might sound strange for a geologist, but I’m not going to get excited by a rock. Not that there’s anything wrong with the rock, it looks nice enough and stands out, definitely. I mean, it’s doing its own thing so credit where credit is due but…


Yup, definitely a rock.

There were also limestone caves, which are nice but there are plenty elsewhere in the world. I’ve heard the caves in the United States are quite extravagant. Plus, I’ve been to New Zealand, so it was nothing I haven’t seen. And New Zealand caves come with glow worms.

The monkeys were pretty cool. I’m always going to like animals, but at the same time if I wanted some distant relative to steal my food, I would just visit Bali. I’m speaking about the primates, of course.


And I kind of expected Gibraltar to be more British. I actually thought all the kids in the park were speaking Spanish. Then I got my ear in and realised they were all speaking English with strong Spanish accents. So that was different.

Gibraltar was one of those places that was worth seeing to say I’ve been there, but unless you happen to be in Spain already and are strangely curious, I can’t really recommend it. Rocks, caves, monkeys, these things you can find elsewhere without going to Gibraltar.


8 thoughts on “Gibraltar is Weird

    • Ha! Well, a picture tells a thousand words. I just wasn’t blown away by it, but it is an oddity. And you can sort of see Morocco when it’s clear enough. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚


    • Fair enough. The novelty of the place just wasn’t doing it for me, but they get plenty of tourists so who am I to say? And I did see it on the slowest day of the week *shrug*


  1. They had the military dressed up in their old style British uniforms when we went. I really like those uniforms because they’re red and I guess that’s what the Americans liked when they were fighting them during the revolution too. haha We enjoyed the bus trip where if you looked out the window you couldn’t see any road only the cliff down! One monkey jumped on a woman’s back! That freaked her out. They are little devils, but entertaining nonetheless. Brings a fresh meaning to ‘got a monkey on my back’. Yes, it was cool to be able to look over to Morocco too. It was strange and different, so we enjoyed our trip.

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    • Glad you enjoyed it more than I did. I remember we lucked out in Lisbon and saw a royal procession of horses and guardsmen all done up in there finery, and I agree it brings a lot to the atmosphere and makes you feel like you’ve seen something special. Gibraltar and Costa del Sol were my only lowlights of the trip, and there’s plenty I want to go back to in the future and see properly. I didn’t even go into any archaeological museums! 😦 but did see plenty of historic sites and WAY too many cathedrals.
      That’s really cool how we’ve been to the same places πŸ™‚

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