Mijas near Costa Del Sol

I screwed up when I was on the beach in Torremolenos- I only took pictures on my camera and not my iPad. So no photos for blog, whoops. I wasn’t that interested in the Costa del Sol either (explaining the lack of photos), which sort of made it a double-whammy for ‘meh’ tourist places for me, since I had gone to Gibraltar the day before and hadn’t understood that either. But there are plenty of people who love the grey pebbly sand and flat beaches, so who am I to judge? An Australian with white sand and surf beaches all around, that’s who.

ANYWAY I promise that to be my last negative note of Spain. I did like the small village of Mijas in the hills behind Torremolenos, and have the lovely pictures to prove it:


Beautiful. It was a lovely village, truly picturesque in the foothills of the Mediterranean with DONKEY TAXIS!


Fun fact: throughout half of the Spain trip I though Don Quixote was spelt Donkey Hotey. I hope I’m not the only ignorant Anglo to make that mistake.

And the town had this cute almost Gaudi-inspired park at the top of the town.


And a great view towards the Mediterranean Sea.


So I was able to leave the Costa del Sol feeling a little happier than when I first rocked up. Positives. Must try to think in positives.

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