Alcazar Palace, Seville

The rain in Spain does not fall mainly on the plain – it falls on the Alcazar.

Yes, it was raining when we visited, so I didn’t have glorious bright blue skies to do justice to the wonderful architecture and gardens. But I have to recommend it, and if you can see it for yourself then do it!


The tiling and reliefs throughout the interior rooms were wonderful, but so difficult to photograph! It’s too dark so without the flash it’s blurry and with the flash everything gets washed out and you can’t see anything! I don’t know if pictures would do it justice anyway. But I tried. I tried a lot.


That was the best photo I got. Everything else is slightly blurred. I got some good outside shots of the fountains and the gardens though:






I am posting all this when I’m back home and jetlagged, but looking at these photos just perks me up. I’ve still got so much of my trip to go through! And now instead of being on holiday, I have the responsibilities of reality to deal with. Well, bugger it all. The escape was very nice while it lasted.

On the plus side, I get to watch tv again. Just discovered the new cooking shows SBS is running on Thursdays: The Incredible Spice Men and The Little Paris Kitchen. Both are very cute in their own special ways. What does this have to do with Spain? Absolutely nothing. The digression is only proof that fatigue causes the mind to be strongly influenced by its immediate environment.

Buenos Noches!



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