Valencia is a really modern and beautiful city. Of course, it still has its old town as all places in Europe seem to, but after being through so much old stuff I was pleasantly surprised to see something new.

This is the really bizzare science museum / art project that has been built in a dry river bed. Not kidding. Every city should have this sort of ingenuity.



Then as we drove off I caught sight of this truly fantastic gargoyle just hanging about…


…and some truly fantastic person tagged its chest…ugh.


Downtown was your stock-standard Moorish architecture complete with cathedral and minaret-with-a-steeple-on-top-so-it’s-not-a-minaret-anymore-shuddup-it’s-a-bell-tower.


And the other side…IMG_0669

Aaaand inside the cathedral…


Okay, let’s eat!

Apparently Valencia is the home of paella. Not being fussed on paella (I’m sorry Spain – I just don’t get it), we found a cute American-style diner for tea. Cheap Spanish wine, caesar salad and nachos. Classy.



Then we walked through the grounds around the science centre, where all the locals were exercising at 9pm because it had only just started to get cool less hot.



It was only an afternoon in Valencia before we were off again the next day, to Barcelona!


12 thoughts on “Valencia!

  1. Valencia is a beautiful city. I fell in love with it when I was their for the first time and I came back just months later. I love the park in the river as well la ciudad de las artes. The old town is beautiful as well, not to forget the lovely beach that is located just minutes away. Antoher very positive thing in Barcelona is the good public transport system that gets you everywehre in a few minutes. Very nice post btw 🙂

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  2. The science Museum looks cool. I love the color of the water in the top photos. Love the old diner style restaurant too. Looks like a nice city. Would you recommend it? I haven’t been there. Have a good night Marigold:-)

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    • Thanks Rosh, you have a good night too (you’re 2 hours behind me I think. It’s 11pm here. Is it 9pm where you are?). The modern buildings were really cool. A downside on coach tours is that you only get a handful of hours in each place, so I wasn’t able to go to the museums 😦 even though it was a two-week tour it was really just a ‘taste of Spain and Portugal’. But Valencia made a very good impression indeed. Would love to go back someday and explore it properly.

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      • Yep 10:20 pm now. It sounds like you hit the highlights. You really did see a lot. It is difficult to see everything in those excursion tours, but as you say it gives you an idea where you’d like to visit again.


    • Moritz commented on this post and he seems to know a lot more about Valencia than I do. He might be worth talking to for recommendations 🙂 and yeah, I loved the diner! We don’t have that sort of thing in Aus so I thought it was very cute.

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  3. That gargoyle! So fantastic…I might just get that to “welcome” visitors to my future home. What a shame people are so stupid and vandalized it.
    I love all of this travel you are sharing!!

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