Gaudi in Barcelona


It is so difficult to get the Segrada Familia in one shot! It’s too tall. And there’s not enough empty space around to back up enough to get a good picture. But it is excellent though. And it’s only about a third finished.

This is what it’s meant to look like when it’s all done:


Gaudi didn’t believe in straight lines. He also believed in trying to emulate nature in his work. But above all, he wasn’t just an artists or an architect: he was an engineer. His landscapes and houses were designed with practicality. Even the cathedral (which is possibly where we got the word ‘gaudy’ from) is practical in that the belltowers were designed so that the music was directed to the street below, instead of just out into the open air.

Guell Park, Gaudi’s Landscape Art:

IMG_0785 IMG_0784





I found it really hard to capture the scope of Guell Park. That, and everyone was spread out lying over everything so their friends/family can take pictures of them. I don’t get posing for pictures. I liked taking pictures of the things I’ve gone to see, but not so much of myself.


I’m sure they’re a lovely family but all I can think is: GET OUT OF MY SHOT!

Oh! And I saw selfie sticks EVERYWHERE. Have you heard of that? It’s a stick where you put your phone on the end so you can take pictures of yourself from further back.

Sometimes, I feel a little put out that I was born in this generation. Then I remember I grew up with Sailor Moon and I’m happy again.

I love Gaudi’s work, but I didn’t really fall in love with it properly until Casa Batllo. Which I think I will cover in another post because this one has already gotten a little long for me 🙂

A couple of last shots of the Sagrada Familia before I go! What it looks like, and what it’s meant to look like…





7 thoughts on “Gaudi in Barcelona

  1. Wonderful shots of the Segrada Familia. When we were there we just took the City Tour Bus and didn’t have time to even stop at the Segrada. Gaudi was a pretty different dude that’s for sure. I love his stuff!

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    • I do too! I didn’t really like the city of Barcelona much but it’s worth it for Gaudi 🙂 We just went around the outside of the Segrada – it costs twenty euro to get in and there was a massive queue. Plus it was the end of the tour and I was very sick of seeing cathedrals by that stage!
      Thanks for the compliment! I worked hard to get those shots!


      • I was happy to see your photos of what it was supposed to look like when it’s done. It looks great in its finished form. You have to admit that is a really crazy looking structure to have in the middle of town!


    • The selfie-sticks were everywhere. Count yourself lucky you haven’t seen them yet 🙂 And yes, for me Gaudi was the only reason to visit Barcelona. The city itself is fairly ugly, like ‘any other city’ unfortunately.


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