Mini Story: Fish Feet

I couldn’t stand it. I lost my ability to breathe. My mind went completely dark, lungs seized up. Maybe I was having some sort of basic function shutdown in response to what was about to befall me.

Then came the hysterics.

At first, it wasn’t more than a simple giggle. A little squeak that could be easily explained in context. A minor reaction out of fear – that was all it was. But it didn’t stop there. It kept going. The laughter bubbled up in a continuous loop. I supposed I must have been breathing again because how else was I able to make such loud and obnoxious sounds?

I tried hovering my feet over the water again, and again the little buggers shot up to surface, snapping, eager to get a taste of my flesh. I hadn’t even touched the water yet! Still caught in a laughter-loop, I hugged my knees to my chest. Terror swam with the strong realisation of just how absurd I must look. But there was no backing out now. I had paid the euro. I was on holidays, dammit!

I will be adventurous and try something new!

Even if that something was only letting little guppies nibble my feet.

Eventually, finally, though my face was covered in fresh and dried tears, I dipped my toes beneath the water and let the fishys have their meal. It felt like bubbles. I told myself it felt like bubbles…


I did get used to it eventually. And my feet were pretty smooth afterwards.

Would I do it again? Yes. Yes I will.


3 thoughts on “Mini Story: Fish Feet

  1. When I was in Copenhagen in March I did this same pedicure! It was a birthday present to myself, since I’m a Pisces I thought it was particularly fitting. It was a little difficult plunging my feet into the tank of nibbling mouths, but once they were soaking it was relaxing fun.

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    • It was a birthday present for me too! I wish these little guys were more popular in Australia – haven’t seen any around yet.
      Pisces, that’s clever. Do you like eating fish? Or are you more of a swims-with-the-dolphins type? Or both?


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