Book Review: The Stepmothers’ Support Group by Sam Baker



A word of warning: this is not The First Wives’ Club. Aside from the obvious reasons, The First Wives’ Club is far more serious and detailed than this book, and if you haven’t read the former than please DO because it is amazing!

This sort of genre (chick-lit / family drama) is the sort I pick up occasionally, intermittently; it isn’t my regular type of read. Half the time I like these types of books, but this one, for me at least, fell into the other half. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it – it delivers pretty much what you’d expect from the blurb (give or take some favourable character treatment). It just didn’t do it for me.

After about page 70 I started skim-reading and never found myself invested in the characters. Mildly interested, yes, but not invested. I should note that the five women are not given equal treatment by the book, so we only get a fully-fleshed out story of two of the protagonists, and only one of them had their story resolved in a satisfying way. The other three members are very, very minor characters, and we only receive the sketchiest details of their lives.

Have you seen the movie Bridesmaids? The book reminded me of it, though only in the sense that I expected it would be about all of the characters when it was really just about one.

I think if the genre is more of your read then you will enjoy this book more than I did. Even though I was skim-reading, I was interested enough to finish the book. It just didn’t provide anything new for me. A casual read.

The Stepmothers’ Support Group by Sam Baker

Standalone Title

Book Length: 406 pages

Chick-lit / Family Drama.

Adult Fiction.

According to the Blurb on the Back:

30-something woman seeks like-minded women for friendship and socialising. Must have experience with small children,  stroppy teenagers, perfect wives (deceased) and new relationships. GSOH vital. Fed up with unfair portrayal as ‘wicked’.

Eve, Clare, Melanie, Lily and Mandy are five very different women, all with one thing in common – they all find themselves in a less-than-conventional family set-up. Thrown together by a chance encounter, they quickly form themselves into an unofficial mutual support group, talking and laughing through the ups and downs of 21st-century family life. As a cup of coffee turns into a bottle of wine, their get-togethers soon become a regular fixture. But the friendships between the women are tested to the max when they’re forced to confront new futures as well as unwelcome figures from the past…


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Stepmothers’ Support Group by Sam Baker

  1. sf says:

    I’m unfortunately one of those readers who sometimes choose a book by it’s cover. Although this one is of my fav color (pink) and has a pic I’d love to have drawn myself, I can sorta tell that it’s gonna be one of those “foo-foo” books. More fancy reading – if you’ve got nuthin’ else to read. Good review.

    Liked by 1 person

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