Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge: Blinding Darkness


Distracted conscious

Drifting along dark water

Back to the dream land.

Trying to focus

in vain; my eyesight strays, splays

Across the canvas.

Marvelling the sight

Behind my not-quite-closed eyes

I let sleep claim me.

This photo was taken at night, in one of those many European cities who liked to light up their monuments along a river. Useless for snap-happy tourists, but damned if it doesn’t make trippy photos.

On another note, I both eagerly anticipate and am terrified of someone inventing little cameras that could be installed in the human eye. It would be great for artists, and for pervy hackers. Hmm.

Thanks to Ronovan again for the Haiku Challenge! I had to use the words focus & stray.



5 thoughts on “Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge: Blinding Darkness

  1. I like how you take the prompts and due a little more in telling a story with each Haiku. I’m glad you have joined in and enjoy the prompts. I will see if I can come up with something more challenging for this Monday. 🙂

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    • Great! I know haikus are meat to be short and sweet and I was worried I was drawing mine out a bit, but they’re so fun 🙂 I read some of the other entries and I really admire other’s ability to get both challenge words in the same haiku, but I’m glad you like my style too.

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