Indie Book Review: The Power of Six by Nicholas C. Rossis



I love short stories that come with twists, something that challenges the reader’s perception and expectations. Of course, I like short stories that are enjoyable and entertaining, but if it has that twist in there it gives a nice zing to the whole thing – makes you think about it afterwards and reflect and read it again just to see if the changed perspective works. In this case, it does!

These short stories were perfect for me: they were fun, they made me think, and they intrigued me. The extra short story by Amos M. Carpenter compliments perfectly with the sci-fi ‘perception’ theme of Nicholas C. Rossis’ six short stories.

If you want a fun taste of sci-fi then I have to recommend this book.

I received this book as a gift from the author. This review is my honest opinion.

The Power of Six by Nicholas C. Rossis

Plus one short story by Amos M. Carpenter.

Book Length: 137 pages (includes sneak-peaks at Perseas, Year 18: The Schism by Nicholas C. Rossis and The Beginning by Ryan Schneider)

Science Fiction Short story collection.


According to the Blurb on the Back:

Six science fiction short stories written by the author of Pearseus, the epic fantasy series that has reached #1 on Amazon. This edition includes an extra story, by Amos M. Carpenter.

Although they seem to be concerned with various themes, there are certain passions that run through them, almost obsessively. What is the nature of reality; digital and corporeal? Is there more to the world than we can see? How far can we trust our senses? What are the consequences of our actions, and is it possible to change them? And if so, would we simply repeat same mistakes, or make new ones?

The anthology includes “I Come in Peace”, an award-winning short story that deals with a tortuous question: how far would man go to alleviate his loneliness? Readers of Pearseus will certainly recognize here the birth of the Orbs.

Humorous and poignant, these short stories are exciting, intriguing and imaginative.

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