Ebook Distribution Services

While investigating the nitty-gritty unexpected details in this self-publishing business (I think I was googling something about ISBNs (those numbers above the barcodes if you didn’t know (like how I didn’t) – consensus seems to be that they aren’t necessary, but are a good thing to have to back up your rights)), I came across this blog post by savvy writers:


It references the British company eBook Partnership as an option for self-publishers who want to reach ALL OF THE DISTRIBUTORS!

all the distributors

This is a thing? You can pay someone to reach all of the outlets and even libraries? AND THEY DON’T TAKE COMMISSION???

Colour me suspicious.

I’ve got to be honest here: this seems too good to be true. These guys only charge $50 for a year of this:


They do have plenty of recommendations on their website… but you know how if it seems too good to be true, it probably is?

What I’d like to know, is if any of you authors/interested parties out there have heard of this? For now, it seems legit, but I’m definitely curious on getting some third-party opinions…

So, what do you think?

8 thoughts on “Ebook Distribution Services

  1. EBook Partnership is a legit company, sometimes mentioned in newsletters from EBUK (EBook Bargains UK). EBUK focusses on worldwide distribution networks, encouraging everyone to think beyond Amazon. They focus mainly on outlets that have no upfront costs, but here is a snippet from one of the newsletters:

    “There are other options, like Vook. IngramSpark and Ebook Partnership, which would substantially add to this list, but these options either have up-front costs or offer a very poor percentage return for free-access.

    But worth noting that players like Ebook Partnership can get you not just into the OverDrive catalogue, which means an appearance in key stores like Books-A-Million, Waterstone’s, Infibeam, Kalahari and Exclus1ves, but also other key up and coming outlets like Magzter, like Bookmate in Russia, and so on and so on.”

    I didn’t realise the cost was as small as you quote, so I think I will go investigate…


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    • Great! I’m relieved to hear that you’ve heard of it, & thanks for the reference. Yeah, even though there is an upfront cost, it’s not a big amount. I haven’t tried it yet myself (waiting to here back with a few reviews to make sure more than a handful of people like my book) but I think I’ll try it in the new year. Will do a follow-up post then.

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