So… I quit my job today…


Actually, it went well. A boss who argues with you for leaving when you want a career change would have to be… well, the stereotypical narcissistic boss. I have had one (well, two, but they were married so…) of those in the past and thankfully, my current boss isn’t like that.


I mean, you can’t be sure of these things until they come to pass, right?

And as Homer Simpson said, “Now, to begin working in paradise.

I handed in my four weeks’ notice (standard for a fly-in, fly-out worker) so I will NOT be working in paradise just yet. I will, however, get a lovely summer break before university starts in February, which I am absolutely stoked about. I will get at least a SOLID MONTH of writing and blogging! How could I not love that?

And then… and then…

*takes deep breath*

I will foray into entirely new territory! Back at uni! Studying! Education! Come May, I will be in a high school classroom undergoing my first practical teaching lessons!

I shall rise to TEACH SCIENCE!!!

I hope I get a good placement, and a good mentor.

I am scared and excited.

19 thoughts on “So… I quit my job today…

    • I hope I enjoy it. Speaking to people who are teachers themselves, they have a real passion for their job. A calling, like you said. I just hope I get that passion too. I’m looking forward to it, so best foot forwards 🙂 thanks so much for your comments!

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  1. So….I take an accidental blogging hiatus due to 20,000 essays due for school, and this is what my first scrolling through posts of yours lands on! Whaaaa??? I am so out of the loop! This is such a great adventure you are embarking on! It is 1 a.m. here and I have a final exam in the morning, so I am off to bed, but tomorrow I am going to spend some quality Marigold blog time and catch up.
    I am so happy for you! Way to go after what you want, girl!
    I want to teach high school (possibly college) English, by the way. I am hoping to start substitute teaching in January and then find a position in the fall! Woohoo us! 😀

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    • Wow, that’s awesome Shelby! You know, I don’t think I ever asked what you were studying at college, but I figured it was something important!
      Good luck with your exam! Hope you have some good news when you’re back blogging 😀


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