Mini Story: Bargaining With Death

This wasn’t how I was meant to go. Albeit, it was a common death for my kind, though I had always hoped for something greater. Something grandiose, like my uncle Flavier who fell into The Jaws while bravely wrangling with a giant for his food. No, I never expected to be caught, quite literally, in the clutches of Death himself.

I briefly considered going down with a fight, but my true instincts kicked in instead.

“I think we can help one another,” I began, my mouth not speaking for my brain.

Death’s grip tightened, threatening to crush my stomach.

“Now, there’s no need for that,” I wheezed, my entire upper body bulging from the force. “I’ve seen you; watched you. You are the great deity of this plane, but you yearn to go beyond the Haven.”

His eyes, still flecked with bloodlust, now betrayed amusement.

“I can help you.” It was truly an effort to keep from stammering. “Us mere mortals have known the way for generations. Of course, you cannot follow us as you are. But I could summon you from the other side.”

A rumble echoed up and shook my insides. I wasn’t sure if it was Death himself making the noise or if he was summoning something even more terrifying.

“If you let me go I swear it!” My eyesight was failing me now, either through fear or the pressure stalling my blood – I couldn’t tell. “I will summon you to the other side!”

I had only just gotten the words out when I finally fainted. When I woke (I woke! I was alive!) I found myself alone, the marks on my belly the only sign that Death had been so near. Fingering the wounds, I hobbled off, first into the hole, then out into fresh air. This house had gotten too dangerous. Time to try my luck in the garden.

I just hoped that cat is never let out…