Scooter Joins The Family

Coming up to Christmas, this is a worthy reminder that we need to be responsible when bringing home pets. Do your research, consider adopting a rescue, talk to the professionals, consider the long term commitment and implications of that, and maybe we’ll see fewer ‘Christmas presents’ abandoned and more pets welcomed as family members 🙂

So, I Read This Book Today

20141206_182100It was a beautiful day today and I went down to the Foothills Animal Shelter  to visit with the dogs. They need attention  and socializing to ascertain they get good homes. Well, I am usually a good girl, but Scooter grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go – literally! This is his third home in two months. Someone just had to have a Bishon, so they got Scooter.  Then, of  course they got tired of him, so he went to the Bishon rescue where he was taken home by a family with small children. CRAAAAP – small dogs and small children do NOT mix. Small kids get too rough, and small dogs bite to protect themselves. So, Scooter ended up at the shelter.

He must have been terribly abused, he is very shy. And yes, he has already bitten me, but he will no doubt mellow out. My fault…

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One thought on “Scooter Joins The Family

  1. He is fitting in…. he still has “biting fits” – where he is scared by too fast movement, or you touch him wrong. I think whoever had him must have kicked the crap out of him. I don’t believe the ribs are broken, but they are darn sore… he has a doctor’s appointment at noon tomorrow, so we will see what she says. He doesn’t seem to have internal injuries, he is too fast and funny, tearing around the house like a wild man, for me to worry too much, but I will feel better after Doctor Donna sees him!

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