Kiss of The Fey is now FREE on Amazon!

I reviewed this back in September and found it a fun holiday read, perfect for this time of year!
Here’s my review for reference:

Writing Madness


It’s free until Sunday, so get it quick! If any of you would like to reblog this or help spread the word to help me out, I would be very grateful.

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Kindle Scout – Crowd Sourcing For Authors And Readers

I’ve heard about this, and I remember being disappointed with the fine print from the author’s perspective: “You acknowledge that we have no obligation to publish, market, distribute or offer for sale your Work, or continue publishing, marketing, distributing or selling your Work after we have started doing so. We may stop publishing your Work and cease further exploitation of the rights granted in this Agreement at any time in our sole discretion without notice to you.”
This in the contract which is for a period of 5 years, with 50% royalties and $1500 advance. So, if amazon decides to drop you, under the standard exclusive rights of a publisher which appears in the contract, can you not have your book for sale at all until the contract runs out and the author gets the rights back? Five years is a long time…
Jim C Hines, one of my favourite fairy-tale retelling authors, did a blog post about it here:
So I’m not sure about it as an author. As a reader though? I should check it out.

So, I Read This Book Today

Maybe I have just been so busy I haven’t noticed notifications (see how I did that? LOL) That is a definate possibility as I have been scrambling to meet my obligations for year-end so I can start 2015 fresh. Be that as it may, I was reading a post on Becky on Books…and Quilts and I caught this paragraph at the bottom of the page:

Kindle Scout is reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. It’s a place where readers help decide if a book gets published. With Kindle Scout, Amazon is taking a 21st century approach to publishing, letting readers nominate which books progress to funding. It’s like your favorite reality TV show, except for books. It means you can now read excerpts from hitherto unpublished books and, if you like them, give your thumbs-up.Each book across the romance, science fiction and mystery & thriller genres, has 30 days to…

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