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Wow. A potent and honest experience of writing. I love the line “Writing clears my soul of all the clogs”. So very, very true. Please have a read!

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I started my love with books during early school days, when I read tinkle comics, which, in fact, fascinate me to this day. Of course, I have often been laughed at for buying ‘tinkle’ during train journeys. Slowly, I started reading Ladybird fairy tales and other abridged classics, thanks to my parents who were liberal in fetching me books. By the time I reached High School, I was savouring Nancy Drew books. The world around me used to freeze when I was immersed in a book. My reading speed also improved greatly: I used to finish up to three Nancy Drew books a day. I have also tried other similar book-series like Hardy Boys, Famous Five and Secret Seven, but only Nancy Drew appealed to me. By and by, I lost interest in Nancy Drew, and started reading bigger novels – by Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel, Erich Segal and Dan…

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