Photo Challenge: Warmth

DSCN2346This is a photo of my family dog Sasha, who passed away in 2012. He was the warmest, loveliest, most affectionate dog. I miss him greatly.

RIP Sasha 1998-2012

RIP Sasha

You can see he had the natural ‘sad eyes’ from his English Springer Spaniel heritage. He jumped the fence until he broke his leg and then he couldn’t jump so high, but he still had boundless energy until he was about twelve, when he started to slow down. The vet put him to sleep after the inflammation and chronic pain in his joints meant he couldn’t walk. We scattered his ashes along the backyard fenceline he loved to patrol when he was younger.

Rest In Peace Sashy-boy. We won’t forget you.


This post was done in response to the Daily Post’s photo challenge. I was flicking through some old photos when I found these again, and remembered his warmth.