Photo Challenge: New

qtac offer letter

New university. New career. New life.

Receiving an ‘automatically generated email’ might not be as dramatic as a traditional letter in the mail, but I was so very, very happy when I got this email! It was like a piece of my future had slotted into place. Now I can only hope that 2015 doesn’t disappoint! Changing careers from mining to teaching will bring a lot of challenges, I just hope I can get through it all and still want to be a teacher!

Can a printscreen count as a photo challenge? I could have posted a photo of one of the various babies that populate my life, but since none of them are mine I figured that might be inappropriate (what am I talking about, you ask? My friends’ babies of course!). I suppose I could have posted a photo of a flower blooming, but my notification of offer email seemed to be more suitable.

Oh, by the way, even though the name I use for my blog and books is Marigold, my real name is Sarah. Nothing wrong with Sarah, I just like the name Marigold 🙂

Thanks for reading,