Indie Book Review: River of Time by Sharon Ricklin Jones



I have to be honest, I’m not all that fond of contemporary-style romances, but I found a lot to enjoy in River of Time. Having never read a time-travel romance before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but the author does a good job of illustrating just how crazy it is (and how crazy you have to be) to try and travel back in time. There was a good dose of reality running through it all, even though it ran parallel to the ‘it must be fate’ theme, the characters reacted believably and that made them very relatable to me.

I thought it took a little while to get going, but once the main characters met for the first time I understood the need for the background setup. I found myself caring for both the hero and the heroine so much more because the author let me get to know them before they meet. It was such a sweet, lovely tale with its magical twist. I did find it a little too saccharine at times, especially the ending, but I know that sort of thing appeals to romance readers. I loved the journey of the characters and the steady character development for Maggie was especially well done.

A warm and romantic read. Recommended for romance lovers.

I received a copy of River of Time from the author in exchange for an honest review. Sharon is looking for other people to review her book! You can contact her at sjones191 <at> if you’d like a review copy 🙂

 River of Time, by Sharon Ricklin Jones

Book Length: 286 pages

Time-travel Romance

According to the Blurb:

Unable to let go of the past, Maggie St.James’ only desire is to “fix” her broken marriage. Confident she’s found the way to travel through time, she makes a ridiculously dangerous plan.

But will the benefits outweigh the risk?

With every detail planned perfectly, she begins her journey. But there are two things she hadn’t planned on: how to return to her own time…

And meeting Logan Maddox.


Live Like a Puppy

What a great idea. Everyone should try this!


I’ve seen many posts this week about setting goals for 2015, living the life you want to lead in 2015, fulfilling your dreams in 2015. Some of these posts have encouraged readers to stop waiting – to live now, as if there is no tomorrow. I often hear the phrase “live like you’re dying.” It’s meant to inspire – to make us realize we might change our behavior if we knew our lives would end sooner than we planned. I know my priorities would change if I knew for certain I only had limited moments left in which to accomplish everything.

Rather than living with the fear of time running out, I would like to propose an alternative. I’ve spent a week living with my sister’s eight week old puppy, Samantha. We could all learn a few things from the bundle of energy who has been my playmate since Saturday.

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