Live Like a Puppy

What a great idea. Everyone should try this!


I’ve seen many posts this week about setting goals for 2015, living the life you want to lead in 2015, fulfilling your dreams in 2015. Some of these posts have encouraged readers to stop waiting – to live now, as if there is no tomorrow. I often hear the phrase “live like you’re dying.” It’s meant to inspire – to make us realize we might change our behavior if we knew our lives would end sooner than we planned. I know my priorities would change if I knew for certain I only had limited moments left in which to accomplish everything.

Rather than living with the fear of time running out, I would like to propose an alternative. I’ve spent a week living with my sister’s eight week old puppy, Samantha. We could all learn a few things from the bundle of energy who has been my playmate since Saturday.

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