Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed


In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

This is the 13th century Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary in Toledo, Spain, where a very bright (see what I did there?) architect designed a spectacular hole in the ceiling to let natural light pour inside, complete with angels coming down from the heavens.

This photo does not do it justice, not one little bit. It is amazing, but was really frustrating trying to photograph it! The cathedral is so dark and then there’s this tunnel of light and I’m trying to capture¬†all the statues and paintings inside the tunnel and it’s… just… impossible! It’s like trying to photograph the sun.

So kudos to the architect – the work is marvelous. I’m just not going to convince anyone to get there with my photo!

If you’re ever in Madrid, definitely take a day trip to Toledo and visit the cathedral. You won’t regret it!