1337 Likes is a Trophy


Received an award

For reaching a liked total

Leaves me thinking… huh?

Thirteen-hundred-and-thirty-seven likes? I get an award for that? Is there something screwy with wordpress’ trophy system?

These achievements might be starting to get a bit xboxy: “Oh, you’ve reached X hours with us? Here’s a make-believe token of our appreciation.”

Then again, I’m not going to say no to  trophy!

Still weird but. Has anyone else gotten random number trophies?

13 thoughts on “1337 Likes is a Trophy

  1. Heidi C. Vlach says:

    1337 is an Internet culture thing, actually! It’s leetspeak, which replaces letters with vaguely similar-looking numbers. Google “1337” and you’ll find a Wikipedia entry about it.

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    • The number of followers don’t correlate with how many people actually visit the blog. I’m a little guilty of this – I have maybe 10 blogs which I visit regularly by typing in the website, and I only tend to use the wordpress reader maybe twice a week, so I know there are quite a few blogs I’d miss… Not yours though 😉

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