Indie Book Review: Betrayed by Becky Durfee (Jenny Watkins Book 2)



After loving the first book so much, I was excited to read the sequel and finished it quickly. Becky Durfee has set up a wonderful paranormal mysteries series, nicely paced with another compelling mystery.

This time, it isn’t about figuring out whodunit – the visiting spirit shows Jenny exactly who her killer is. Instead, the challenge is to figure out a) who this man is and b) how to prove he’s a killer to the police. Instead of a cold case, we get a current murder. Instead of a forgotten victim, we have a whole town in mourning for this tragedy. With a few already established characters , this book is a perfect sequel – take everything that a reader loved about the first book (which is why they’ve bought the second), and make the mystery and perspective so completely different from the first so that it’s all fresh and new. A perfect match of the ‘same-same, but different’ mantra.

I did have a niggling “why aren’t they pursuing (x) more?” when Jenny was doing her amateur detective work, but for all my annoyance, Jenny did do the understandable thing in that circumstance by deferring to the police. It isn’t what I would’ve done, but Jenny isn’t me, and what she did was within her character so I couldn’t blame her.

Having said that, she does take some very bold steps by the end of the book, twisting what I accepted as an almost-cozy mystery into something more thriller-ish with its edge of danger. Nice.

A worthy sequel, and a series to watch.

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Betrayed, by Becky Dufree

Jenny Watkins Mystery #2

Book Length: 204 pages

Paranormal Mystery (Adult Fiction)

According to the Blurb:

Someone, somewhere, had been strangled.

Psychic Jenny Watkins’ second vision comes through the eyes of the victim. While she doesn’t know when or where the strangulation took place, she does get a good look at the killer. With little else to go on besides an image in her mind, Jenny races to put a name to the face before he strikes again.

The sequel to Driven, Betrayed offers an unusual plot, an element of romance and humor throughout.

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