Indie Book Review: Millennium Crash by James Litherland



I was really looking forward to reading this book but, unfortunately, I found it underwhelming.

The premise sounded good and it started out well, but the story quickly deteriorated into dull waiting and organisation sequences.  There were lots of visits to the bank, finding food, and just generally waiting around for something to happen. I was bored for much of this book, I think that boredom prevented me from connecting to characters.

I actually sort of liked Sam’s and Anya’s characters (even if I found them a bit one-track minded), but Page was just vapid and stupid. We follow these three characters around and Page’s story seemed to run through the same thing three times, with very little difference – her only plot drivers seemed to be shopping and getting into trouble. I found it was very repetitive.

I did like Anya’s authority, but she didn’t do much besides find her scattered work colleagues and then… she bought a house. There wasn’t much to her story, except for towards the end when things finally started happened to her, but by that time I was completely disinterested.

Sam’s story was the one I came closest to liking, but again it was bogged down by long periods of waiting and spying (which amounted to waiting around outside a building).

As I indicated before, the ending was a bit better, but I am honestly not interested in reading a sequel to this series. That’s just my opinion though, other people might like it. I’d recommend checking out the ‘look inside’ for those interested in buying it, and remember those first few scenes are probably the most action-packed of the book.

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Millennium Crash, by James Litherland

Watchbearers #1

Book Length: 326 pages

Time Travel Adventure (Adult Fiction)

According to the Blurb:

EVERYTHING goes wrong when the first research expedition from the future lands in New York City in the summer of 2000. Instead of arriving together, the time-travelers are separated and scattered across the ancient metropolis. Even worse, the professor in charge of the expedition is killed when he materializes in the middle of a busy street—and the device he carries to take them back home is destroyed in the accident. Their project in a shambles before they have even started, now they find themselves stranded in the past—and their troubles are only beginning.

After seeing her mentor die right before her eyes, Team Leader Anya attempts to salvage something from the disaster, starting with rounding up the rest of the travelers. She doesn’t know it yet, but even that much has already become an impossible task.

Research Assistant Samantha finds her own team leader just in time to witness one of her colleagues stab him to death. The only witness to the killing, she chases the culprit through the city—but the murderer has the perfect plan for escaping justice.

Dazed and disoriented in East Harlem, Team Leader Page is being mugged when graduate student Matt Walker runs to her rescue—but playing the white knight will plunge him into improbable peril and lead him into a trap from which there is no escape.


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