LOVE GONE WRONG – Valentine’s Day flash fiction

Lots of funny Valentine’s Day flash fiction reads! Check it out!

Susan Lattwein

‘Falling’ in love 

Kat paddled to stay afloat, her skin chartreuse-yellow in the deep, crystal water. Close up, Adam’s wet eyelashes seemed longer.

Male mascara.

“Jump with me,” he challenged. “Just from the cliff.”

Kat shook her head. No way.

“I dare you.”

I hardly know you, AND I’m engaged.

Taking in his wide grin, Kat’s treacherous heart was already jumping. Biting her cheek, she appraised the cliff from the safety of the plunge pool. It didn’t seem that high, not as crazy as the waterfall he’d just leapt off.

“Will it shut you up?”

“Perhaps.” His voice rode roughshod over her common sense.

Florence Falls - the jump Florence Falls, NT – the jump

A few minutes later they’d climbed to the ledge of the tapering, ancient rock formation. In truth, Adam climbed and Kat had scrambled. The initial ascent had been easy, but soon Kat’s leg muscles were straining for scarce footholds in the…

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