Weekly Haiku Prompt: Remember Those Without

Caught in first world issues

We so rarely glimpse outside.

Blind to the harsh world.

There are so many instances when the world has been outraged about some calamity and then forgotten about it the very next week. We prefer to forget – it is easier than remembering just how terrible the world is, and how terrible we ‘humans’ can be. But we must keep our eyes open so we know how lucky we are and remember to show kindness to everyone. You never know what they’ve been through.

Thanks again to Ronovan for the weekly haiku prompt.


16 thoughts on “Weekly Haiku Prompt: Remember Those Without

  1. This is especially true because of our “first world” trivial problems. I complain of not eating healthy enough when some people just want to eat anything, and they have no food. Such a good reminder to keep things in perspective, and look for ways to make a change for the better. I love your posts. πŸ™‚

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  2. This was timed perfectly to fit with #1000Speak with Compassion project.
    Your haiku is very powerful. I love its message. I’m not even sure that it takes a week for us to forget. Focusing constantly on all the tragedies though could be rather debilitating and immobilizing. We do need to look with some optimism to move us to action.

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