Book Review: Trancing the Tiger by Rachael Slate



I started reading this book expecting paranormal romance, but it turns out it’s solidly in the erotic romance genre. Whoops.

The sex and lust was abundant, and I can recognise that it was done well, but those are not the reasons I read paranormal or romance. I want other things going on, be it mystery/drama/lore/magic/character development, and I felt I didn’t get much of any of that in this book. It was just sex and lust scenarios with a fairly loose paranormal setting. I didn’t even like the hero and heroine’s romance because it was all based around their animal attraction towards each other – I couldn’t understand it on an emotional level, and didn’t really care what happened to the characters (the heroine annoyed me, so that made it difficult for me to be sympathetic to her). Actually, a lot of things annoyed me in this book, but they are all things I can attribute to my disinterest in the genre. I cannot hate a book that is doing a good job of things I don’t care for, because other people do care for them. Sure, I wished for more of a paranormal adventure, but other readers won’t need any of that to enjoy this book.

Recommended for fans of erotic romance with a backdrop of paranormal.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Trancing the Tiger, by Rachel Slate

Book Length: 297 pages

Erotic Paranormal Romance (Adult Fiction)

According to the Blurb:

***WARNING: Contains Adult Content (explicit love scenes, profanity, and some violence)***

Delve into a world steeped in tradition and superstition…
After her parents become infected with the Red Death, Lucy Yeoh flees to Malaysia seeking answers. Everything in this closed-off section of the world is paradise—from the lush tropical climate to her sexy new neighbor, Sheng…who just might be delusional. He claims the Plague God unleashed the Red Death and only a circle of Chinese Zodiac spirit animals can cleanse the Earth. Even more, he insists she’s one of them: the Rabbit. Long furry ears and fluffy bunny tail included.

He’ll show her how to fight to save the world…
As the Chosen of the Tiger, the burden of restoring balance to the world has fallen onto Li Sheng’s shoulders. When he discovers that the ally he’s long awaited, the Dragon, is actually just the Rabbit, Sheng is quick to dismiss Lucy. If only she’d stay dismissed. Lucy’s Rabbit refuses to cooperate, undermining the authority of his Tiger at every turn…and seducing him to the limits of his darkest desires. He’s not supposed to want her. Not when he needs the spirit circle complete and she’s their weakest link.

She’ll show him a love worth fighting the world to save…
Sheng’s enemies draw closer, and not everyone wants Lucy alive. Together, they’ll have to navigate a treacherous world where a line between duty and their hearts has been drawn between them. They must either sacrifice one, or find a way to surrender to both.


9 thoughts on “Book Review: Trancing the Tiger by Rachael Slate

    • I was really disappointed! Once I read it, the book clearly fell into the erotic romance genre (I got the definition from Sylvia Day’s site after googling ‘romance genre definitions’ or something), but it wasn’t advertised as that. So hard to tell until you’re halfway through the book and you’re like ‘it just keeps going like this….’
      But people love it! There’s so many five-star reviews on goodreads. Sex sells I guess.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I dunno. I just have to accept that everyone has different tastes. The marketing definitely has something to do with it, but there will be fangirls regardless. Or so I like to think.
        Anyway, I stated on my review guidelines that I find sex without much else boring. Fair warning.
        (I remember reading heaps of fanfics that were exciting to me as a teenager back in the day – why do people pay to read this stuff when you can get pretty good stuff for free?)

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      • exactly! my housemate reads fanfic and enjoys it. me, not so much. the whole twilight/sog thing probably started a lot of the ‘sex with no story’ concept. i will be glad when all the teenyboppers get over it and writers like you get the attention you deserve!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aw, thanks Leiah. You’re the best.
        On that note, I got to 85k with the sequel before uni started. I seriously expected to be done by now! But I reckon I’ve still got another 5-10k until the story’s finished, then I need to do at least draft 2 before people can read it.
        Uni is hard work. I seriously underestimated how much time it would chew up! I don’t know if I’ll be able to work on my book again until Easter.

        Liked by 1 person

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