why i blog ?

Why do you blog? Meet AJ, dedicated book-lover!


Aj book review club's photo.


I do read about 4 to 5 books a week now

I love most books I enjoy crime , women”s fiction, thriller , chicklit and mystery  any book really  I enjoy all kinds

I may not be the best a writing that became  I am dyslectic

I have never let that stop me from doing things

my writing may not be stop on

my spelling may not always be right but I just love readings so much that why I do my blog .

my blog may not be word perfect but I hope you can understand it and enjoy reading it

in April my blog will be a year old I would to thank you all for reading it

I hope to in the next six months   to  grow a bit more and  do a few different post I like add more…

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3 thoughts on “why i blog ?

  1. I blog due to my wonderful rescued dog Ray. Because he was also my first dog, he has been a huge learning experience (a number were unpleasant), a major education, and an incredible reward for the time and patience given him. He, in return, as gone from an insecure and aggressive dog………. to 75lbs of affection. I am in the process of writing a book about him so the blog is a great place to share stories, learn from other dog owners (and writers!) and hopefully produce a book which will be a fundraiser for the shelter that gave Ray another chance.

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    • What a sweet reason! Dogs are so wonderful, way better than most people even. I haven’t had a dog for two years now since I’m living in an apartment, but I hope to get one once I can afford a house 🙂 I’m thinking of rescuing an ex-racing greyhound.

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