Flash Fiction: Toffee Day

I used the Day 2 prompt from http://flashfiction365.tumblr.com/prompts to inspire this story. The main character is strongly influenced by the guy from The Rosie Project

Her bright orange lips clashed against the red toffee apple she was biting into, and I couldn’t help but stare: she was a kaleidoscope of clashing colours. Navy-blue tattoos ran around her neck and under the collar of her pale green cardigan, which did little to hide the black tank top underneath. Her skirt was also green, but the opposite shade, and her leggings matched her lipstick.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Her harsh words surprised me. I didn’t mean to irritate her, but trying to explain that just angered her further.

“It’s not polite to stare,” she said as if she were talking to a little boy.

“There’s just so much to look at-”

She swung the toffee apple like a mace, so surprisingly violent that there was no time for the thought “I should duck now” to enter my head. Thankfully, she didn’t hit my cheek hard enough to break anything, but it was enough for the fruit to stick and hang off my burgeoning beard.

She walked off.

I wanted to know where I went wrong, but the toffee dragging on my facial hair was nonsensically painful. I had to walk around, holding the toffee apple up to my face, until I found a bathroom. The mirror and water allowed me to get to work, and using a little soap helped, but I would need hot water to get the rest of the toffee off my face.

Well, that was my day done. At least I’d helped out at the toffee apple stall before I was hit in the face with one. I’d done my bit, and now I could go home and… re-analyse how I should interact with people.


Book Review: The Black Swan Inheritance by Marigold Deirdre Dicer

Thanks to Babus from ajoobacats for reviewing my book!

Ajoobacats Blog

This unusual New Adult fantasy novel introduces us to Anita, a nineteen year old student who wants to be a doctor, however a night of clubbing with a new friend leads to events that awaken her magical nature that has laid dormant for so long. Anita then finds herself having to navigate a world of werewolves and vampires to survive.

I was drawn into this story and became invested in Anita as a character when I read this. I enjoyed the way this fantasy story was woven into the everyday life of a student in Brisbane. Due to the language and sexual content in this book it is more suited to readers in their late teens.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US


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