Faraway Land.

A sweet poem, perfect for Friday escapism 🙂

To Wear A Rainbow...


Into a Dream Beata Cervin

take me away

to a fantasy land

as i sleep

through the sun and sand


those pink bubbles

will carry me away

to a land of happiness

no night no day


we shall make a home

in that faraway land

just you and me

hand in hand

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Weekly Haiku Challenge: Beacon & Field

In Response to Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge: Beacon and Field

Pharos HaikuThe Pharos Beacon

Illuminates Safe Passage

Through Fields of Water.

Three Earthquakes It Took,

And Another Thousand Years,

To Break This Wonder.

The Great Monument

Now Reclaimed By The Ocean

It Once Protected.

Thanks again to Ronovan for this week’s challenge. It was nice to do something creative today, because I couldn’t write my short story yesterday 😦 no matter, I’ll just have to be more prepared for next week!