Flash Fiction: Drop the lemons and run

In response to Charli’s Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge

I had a plan. It was a plan that I kept to, even when it was messing me up.

The plan was failing. I was failing.

It took a lot to admit I couldn’t handle it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I did something brave or unique. I, essentially, gave up.

Giving up can be good.

I’m not exactly proud of it, but I don’t regret the decision; I have nothing to regret. I’m relieved, and I’m hopeful for the future. Giving up was the best thing I ever did.

I am excited about life again.


And that is the honest truth, right there. Thank you Charli, for reminding me that we can make lemonade from lemons, and sometimes dropping the lemons and bolting is a better course to take.

April 8

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Drop the lemons and run

    • Uni is hard… I’m almost considering having a hiatus from blogging and then I’m like, ‘no – it doesn’t take that long, pull your finger out’. Still, it would’ve been nice to have a holiday these holidays! Instead, it’s assignment slogging.
      I see you’ve done a new post. I shall read it now.


  1. Sometimes the bravest thing to do is quit. I quit, too and don’t regret that I did and what unfolded from there has been a life I couldn’t imagine while I was struggling. Thank you for sharing your story (and great title)!

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