Versus Blurb Hiatus

Hi Everyone,

I have been struggling to get my posts up for the past couple of weeks, and though I had a few days there where I was able to join in the weekly Flash Fiction that Charli runs, Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge, and the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge, after this week I honestly need to call a hiatus.

I anticipate I will be back blogging Sunday 28th June. Yes, that’s a month. I wish I had time to devote to this wonderful community, but right now I need to buckle down to focus on my studies and completing my practical component of teaching. Come the end of June, the Winter Break will have started and should be able to catch up with all of you once again.

As such, I will be unable to accept any more books to review during this time. Those who I have accepted for this time period, I will do my best, but I am not honestly confident I will get to everyone. I will try.

See you in a month!

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