In response to @Charli_Mills Flash Fiction Prompt: Man, it’s a hot one

July 1

In response to Charli’s Flash Fiction Prompt: “Man, it’s a hot one.”

Getting the shakes already, and it was only eleven. Stupid, stupid to do this walk on so little breakfast. She slicked back her sweated-soaked fringe and muttered, “Man, it’s a hot one.”

Forests should feel cool, and if this was cool it must’ve been blistering down the coast. She spied a red post, her brain sluggishly switched gears…


A new sound caught her ears.

“The stream!”

Giving in, she dropped her backpack, stripped off her shoes and socks, and jumped feet-first into the water. The rest of the track could wait… she’d just float here for a bit…

This is it! My official come back from hiatus! Now it’s the holidays… I’ve caught a cold 😦 but it’ll be nice to have another week and a bit off until I go to another school camp. Then back to prac.

Prac teaching was fun. I’m very sure this is what I want to do, I just wish I had more free time while doing it! I need to work out what I want to do for my blog if I’m going to be a teacher. I can’t keep doing four posts a week, and I definitely can’t read a book every week! I’m thinking of keeping with Flash Fictions and Poetry, because they’re fun and I find them not too time-consuming. Of course, whenever I’m on holiday I can catch up on reading, but otherwise, I’ll be fairly limited. It’ll be touch and go.

I’ll have to nosy around everyone’s blogs to see what you’ve all gotten up to this past month! I hope to find you all well.

From Marigold

10 thoughts on “In response to @Charli_Mills Flash Fiction Prompt: Man, it’s a hot one

  1. I post once a month; that gives me plenty of time to make sure the piece is the best I can do. I guess it depends on what you wanted to get out of your blog. I’m glad you’re happy teaching. Glad you’re back. 🙂

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      • I forget you guys are having winter now. I took my dog hiking yesterday and we were high enough to see snow. I still think that’s cool, to see snow in July. 🙂 Hope you’re better soon.

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  2. kalpana solsi says:

    Drink hot soup to drive away your cold.

    Its heavenly bliss to soak the feet in cool water of the stream with the shoal of little fish tingling the toes.

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  3. Sorry I missed this one earlier. It’s a great flash. I know that heat all too well, and how cooling that stream in the forest would be.
    You are right about teaching. It can be all consuming and leave little time for anything else. It was my life – still is. I can’t believe how much time I still spend thinking and reading about education although I am no longer in the classroom! Enjoy! 🙂

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